About Transcom Fleet Services


Established by Roy Craigen in 1991, TRANSCOM Fleet Services develops unique programs aimed at improving trucking operations across North America by shifting culture, attitude, and ultimately performance.

Central to that process is the establishment of effective cost model management and operational excellence that has a profound impact on customer satisfaction, customer retention and profitability.

TRANSCOM has or does participate as a member of many industry bodies such as the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (of which Roy Craigen was Chair for seven years), Operation Life Saver, The Private Motor Trucking Council of Canada, The Owner Operators Business Association of Canada, The American Trucking Association among others.

Call TRANSCOM at (780) 449–7200 or email us at Inquiries to learn more about how TRANSCOM can help transform your operation through effective cost management and operational excellence.

About Roy Craigen

Prior to founding TRANSCOM, Roy Craigen established an enviable track record of working with fleets that consistently won Corporate, Regional, and International awards and recognition for Safety and Customer Care.

Mr. Craigen is well known for his speaking engagements, consulting, and leading many of TRANSCOM’s training courses and seminars.